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BPI Hall of Fame Award Criteria and Nomination Information

The Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Hall of Fame Award was established to recognize graduates who have performed long and outstanding service for Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, or who have been active in the community or their profession, and who have exemplified the best Traditions and Ideals of Poly. The awards are given out at various times during the school year in the presence of Poly students, faculty and alumni.
Online nomination form can be found here. 
Hall of Fame Committee

A Hall of Fame Committee will be established to make the selections for these awards. The members of this Committee are: Chairman (Immediate Past President), President of the Alumni Association (Ad Hoc – Non-Voting), and four (4) Association Members.
For purposes of this Committee, a quorum will consist of three of the five voting members. Awards shall consist of appropriate recognition.
Hall of Fame Nomination Process
The nomination process for the Poly Hall of Fame Award is ongoing throughout the year, and applications will be accepted at alumni@bpi.edu. Please see the online nomination form here or you may download the pdf below.  Please direct any questions to the Alumni Office at 410-889-POLY (7569) or alumni@bpi.edu.
Hall of Fame Award Criteria
Subject to the dictates of the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association’s Charter Resolution regarding the establishment of the Poly Hall of Fame Award, as well as to the Association’s constitution and by-laws, the following criteria shall be considered in selecting recipients for this award:
  • All recipients shall be alumni of the school as defined in the constitution and by-laws of the Alumni Association in the section regarding eligibility for membership. (Article III, Sections 1 & 2)
  • All recipients shall have been active with the school or one of its support organizations as a paid employee or a volunteer for at least five years and subsequently, have been inactive by way of voluntary resignation, transfer, retirement, or death for at least one year.
  • All recipients, be they alumni or former employees or volunteers shall have demonstrated to their peers and others who are knowledgeable of their service, sung or unsung, in accordance with one of the following considerations.
    • Burkert Principle: Dedicated, effective, and loyal service to the school or one of its support organizations over and above the call of duty or what was initially expected of them. 
    • Character Principle: Participation with the school or one its support organizations that positively shapes the schools or one of its support organization’s image, perceived character, or reputation.
    • Autonomy Principle: There should be no linkage between the consideration of a nominee for receiving the award and that nominee’s previous receipt or lack of receipt of or consideration afforded that candidate for the Association’s Distinguished Alumni Award).
  • Based on the current number of members of the Hall of Fame committee as dictated by its chartering resolution, a quorum of members for a meeting to be conducted so as to select award recipients should be three (3). Recipients should be selected by a simple majority of the Hall of Fame Committee.
  • Barring extraordinary circumstances and conditions, a recipient of the award should not be a non-alumnus of the school as defined by the aforementioned constitution and by-laws, not be currently active with the school or one of its support organizations and for a period of one year, or a member of the Hall of Fame Committee.
  • Should it be the will and wisdom of the Hall of Fame Committee to override this proviso due to extraordinary, unusual, or special circumstances and conditions, it shall be subject to the following conditions.
    • The recipient should have been employed by or a volunteer the school for at least fifteen (15) years.
    • The vote for such a recipient should be a unanimous one of all those present at a meeting of the Hall of Fame Committee that constitutes a quorum. A quorum for such a meeting and candidate should be four members of the committee.
  • The number of recipients to be selected each selection period, except for the first (charter) year should be limited to a maximum of ten (10). The number of recipients to be selected the first year should be limited to a maximum of fifteen (15).

BPI Hall of Fame Past Inductees

Anthony J. Ambridge '69 (Inducted in 2003)
John M. Backer '47 (Inducted in 2010)
Robert M. Bailey '66 (Inducted in 2011)
Jack F. Beck, Sr '50 (Inducted in 2006)
Patrick  K. Benhoff '71 (Inducted in 2009)
Harry Berman - Volunteer (Inducted in 2018)
Kenneth C. Bopp  - Faculty (Inducted in 2010)
Carole F. Bredenburg  - Faculty (Inducted in 2012)
Charles Bredenburg '60 and Faculty Inducted in 2003)
Br. Gen. Elmer F. Bright '37 and Faculty (Inducted in 1994)
Kent S. Bromwell '55 and Faculty (Inducted in 2004)
Samuel J. Brown, Jr.  - Faculty (Inducted in 2005)
Claude A. Burkert '27 and Principal (Inducted in 2003)
Dr. Carl Clark '55 (Inducted in 2004)
Michael P. Cook '71 (Inducted in 2011)
Walter S. "Biff" Davison '72 (Inducted in 2015)
Alonzo G. Decker '26 (Inducted in 2003)
Dr. Wilmer A. Dehuff Class of 1907 and Principal (Inducted in 2003)
Phillip R. Denkevitz '63 (Inducted in 2014)
Robert DeVries '71 and Faculty (Inducted in 2009)
Jon M. Files '53 (Inducted in 2013)
William Fisher '59 (Inducted in 2018)
Wavie Gibson - Faculty (Inducted in 2014)
Michael W. Gill '71 (Inducted in 2004)
William J. Girardi  - Faculty (Inducted in 2005)
Martin D. Glaze '82 (Inducted in 2009)
Charles R. Gneiting '48 and Faculty (Inducted in 2005)
M. Howell Griswold '39 and Faculty (Inducted in 1997)
Willard Hackerman '35 (Inducted in 2003)
William T. Hastings  - Faculty (Inducted in 2006)
Josh Headley  - Faculty (Inducted in 2018)
Odelle Heimiller Reed '92 (Inducted in 2018)
Charles J. Higdon '41 (Inducted in 2004)
Ronald  Hoge - Faculty (Inducted in 2015)
William F. Hunter, Jr. '53 (Inducted in 2007)
Carl I. Jackson '77 (Inducted in 2015)
Zeney P. Jacobs - Principal (Inducted in 2005)
Gary E. Johnson '55 (Inducted in 2003)
Paul D. Jung '54 (Inducted in 2014)
Frederick W. Kacher '30 (Inducted in 2003)
Charles J. Kelly, III - Faculty (Inducted in 2011)
E. Robert Kent '30 (Inducted in 2003)
George "Bucky" Kimmett - Faculty (Inducted in 2011)
Anthony N. Konstant '43 and Faculty (Inducted in 2005)
Francis W. Kuchta '41 (Inducted in 1994)
William H. Lange, Jr. '48 (Inducted in 2005)
Wendell B. Leimbach '63 (Inducted in 2007)
Randy J. Letschin '72 and Faculty (Inducted in 2014)
Saraunda "Sandy" Loughlin - Faculty (Inducted in 2015)
Ronald W. Lowman '62 (Inducted in 2012)
Robert W. Lumsden '41 and Faculty (Inducted in 2003)
Pete C. Lynch '47 and Faculty (Inducted in 2005)
John D. Mangione '72 (Inducted in 2013)
Robert "Bobby" Marinelli - Faculty (Inducted in 2013)
William McClean '31 (Inducted in 2003)
George V. McGowan '46 (Inducted in 2003)
Mace T. Miyasaki '57 (Inducted in 2003)
William J. Moulds '55 and Faculty (Inducted in 2012)
James N. Newton - Faculty (Inducted in 2010)
Adrian W.  Palazzi '70 (Inducted in 2005)
Janice B. Parker - Faculty (Inducted in 2006)
Kendall Peace-Able '96 and Faculty (Inducted in 2013)
Norman C. Perry - Faculty (Inducted in 2011)
E. Christian Piercy '60 and Faculty (Inducted in 2006)
Royal P. Pollokoff '42 (Inducted in 2003)
Robert R. Poole '30 (Inducted in 2003)
Robert M. Rayme '55 (Inducted in 2013)
Timothy Regan '73 (Inducted in 2018)
William E. Rinehart '72 (Inducted in 2003)
John E. Roach '65 and Faculty (Inducted in 2009)
Robert Roose - Volunteer (Inducted in 2006)
Richard W. Roth '55 (Inducted in 2003)
Howard E. Rutherford '68 (Inducted in 2007)
VADM James A. Sagerholm '46 (Inducted in 2003)
Mark T. Sawyer '83 and Faculty (Inducted in 2010)
Robert J. Schuerholz, Sr. '53 (Inducted in 2013)
G. Dowell Schwartz '54 (Inducted in 2005)
Dr. Charles Shubin - Physician (Inducted in 2007)
Barbara M. Stricklin - Principal (Inducted in 2003)
George M. Strunge '54 (Inducted in 2015)
Charles B. Sullivan '56 and Faculty (Inducted in 2011)
Dwight S. Taylor '62 (Inducted in 2006)
M. Patrick Tracy '72 (Inducted in 2005)
John B. Vizzini '45 (Inducted in 2006)
August R. "Augie" Waibel - Faculty (Inducted in 2006)
C. Douglas Walters '59 (Inducted in 2010)
The Hon. Valdemar L. Washington '70 (Inducted in 1994)
John L. Waters - Lead Custodian (Inducted in 2007)
James G. Wetzel (West) '48 (Inducted in 1994)
William F. Wilke '40 (Inducted in 2006)
Jacqueline Williams '81 and Director (Inducted in 2014)
Kenneth W. Wingate '71 (Inducted in 2005)
Elmer Wingate, Jr. '47 (Inducted in 2003)