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Poly Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination Information and List of Past Recipients

The Distinguished Alumni Award was created to recognize the person who best exemplifies those attitudes which Poly strives to instill in its young students – FREEDOM, RESPONSIBILITY, PERSEVERANCE, ACHIEVEMENT,
Online nomination form can be found here

Distinguished Alumni Award Committee:
A committee has been established to receive, analyze and coordinate recommendations for this award. They will select the candidate who has received national, state or local recognition for excellence in his/her profession and present to the BPIAA Board for approval.
Members of this committee include: Two Immediate Past Presidents (Immediate past president shall serve as Chairman), the Current Principal/Director, and permanent members.
To be eligible for nomination, the individual must meet the following criteria:
  • Recognition of the objectives of the Alumni Association
    • The education of men and women
    • The advancement of knowledge
    • The rendering of service to industry and to the nation
  • Outstanding efforts both in thought and action in promoting the interests and activities of the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.
  • That person who best exemplifies those attitudes which Poly is trying to instill in its young students, viz.: freedom, responsibility, perseverance, achievement, goodness and mercy.
To nominate an individual to be considered for the Distinguished Alumni Award, please complete the online form or click on the pdf link at the bottom of this page to download the application. Once completed, please mail the full application to: Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Alumni Office, 1400 West Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, MD 21209.
The Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented at the Annual Alumni Dinner which will be held on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving at Martin’s West. For more information on this event, please call the Alumni Office at 410-889-POLY (7659) or email alumni@bpi.edu
Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients:
1969    Joseph Kaplan ’21 - Educator, Geophysicist
1970    Walter H. Feldmann ’15 - Industrialist
1971    Wilmer A. Dehuff ‘ 07 - Educator
1972    John N. Curlett ’24 - Chairman of the Board, Corkmick & Co., Inc.
1973    Alonzo G. Decker Jr. ’26 -
             Chairman and CEO Black and Decker Manufacturing Co.
1974    Henry L. Mencken ‘96* - Journalism
             Emory H. Niles ‘09 - Chief Judge, Supreme Bench of Baltimore City
1975    Major General Hiram Dudley Ives ’24 - General, US Army (Ret.)
1976    J. Harold Lampe ’15 - Educator
1977    Robert Edward Gross ’23 - Surgeon, Educator
1978    E. Robert Kent ’30 - Builder
1979    Elbert N. Carvel ’28 - Governor, State of Delaware
1980    Allan W. Mund ’23 - Industrialist, Educator
1981    Willard Hackerman ’35 - Engineer
1982    C. Edward Utermohle Jr. ’33 - Public Utilities
             Jacob Blaustein ‘09* - International Affairs
1983    Claude A. Burkert ’27 - Educator
1984    Owen B. Butler ’40 - Chairman of the Board, Procter and Gamble
             Edward L. Rowny ‘33
1985    James A. Sagerholm ’46 - Vice Admiral of the United States Navy
1986    Harry B. Smith ’39 - Engineer, Inventor;
             President, Westinghouse Defense Center
1987    Fr. J. Allan Panuska S.J. ‘45 Biologist - Priest, University President
1988    Robert W. Lumsden ’41 - Educator
1989    Wesley H. Rice ’50 - Major General, US Marine Corps (Ret.)
1990    Frederic M. Hewitt ’34 - Engineer
1991    Edward Wenk, Jr. ’37 - Engineer, Policy Advisor, Educator
1992    George V. McGowan ’46 - Chairman, BGE
1993    Joseph S. McLaughlin ’49 - Professor of Surgery, University of Maryland
1994    Harry Ratrie ’40 - Chairman, Bryn Awel Corp.
1995    Clinton C. Emich ‘35
1996    Timothy D. Baker ’42 - International Health and Preventative Medicine
1997    Walker Lee Robinson ’58 - Professor of Pediatric Neurosurgery
1998    M. Gary Alkire ’53 - Major General, US Air Force (Ret.)
1999    Charles Q. Miller ’63 - CEO Raytheon Engineering Contractors
2000    Edward G. Stuckrath, Jr. ’60 - Colonel, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
2001    Don Lynn Anderson ’50 - Professor of Geophysics
2002    Henry Earl Clements ’42 - Colonel, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
            Sir John Lang Taylor* ’42 - Diplomatic Service for Great Britain
2003    David A. Sandell ’57 - US Coast Guard; Dean, US Coast Guard Academy;  
             President, Mitchell College
             Richard Duckett King ’37 - US Navy;
             Prof., Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities
2004    R. Bruce Taylor ’60 - Civil Engineer, Environmental Businessman
2005    Carl O. Clark ’55 - Physicist, South Carolina State University,
              Dean, Morgan State University
             Mace Miyasaki* ’57 - Engineer, Entrepreneur, Inventor
2006    Col. Edwin J Wolf ‘24
2007    Robert E. Meyerhoff ‘41
2008    Francis W. Kuchta ‘41
            William J. Gerardi
2009    M.J. “Jay” Brodie ‘53
2010    Dr. Thomas R. Foster ‘50
2011    F. Pierce Linaweaver '52
            Philip S. Green ’54
            Salvatore P. Sutera '51
2012   Bruce A. Hart '64
            Dr. John T. Rettaliata '29
2013   Dwight Taylor ‘62
            Brig. Gen. Raymond J. Winkel. Jr. ‘64*

2014   Robert G. Keane, Jr '59

2015:  H. Berton McCauley '31*
            Richard W. Magnani '58 

2016   Alan N. Willson, Jr. '57

​​​​​​​2017   Seth Klarman '75
​​​​​​​            Michael Klarman '76

2018   Dr. Charles Johnson-Bey '84



*Indicates the Award was Presented Posthumously