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The Ingenuity Project Expands to Fourth Middle School

The Ingenuity Project is expanding to James McHenry Elementary/Middle School beginning in the 2019-20 school year. The new site is the fourth school to offer this challenging academic program in the middle grades, joining Hamilton, Mount Royal, and Roland Park.

This selection continues the Ingenuity Project's mission of building a pipeline of high achieving math and science students in West Baltimore to be prepared for the rigors at Poly.

Baltimore City Public Schools, in partnership with the Ingenuity Project, conducted a 6-month process to identify the new school site. James McHenry Elementary/Middle School was one of fifteen schools to apply for consideration. A committee of education professionals and community members reviewed applications submitted by interested schools. The district and Ingenuity staff then examined the capacity for school buildings to accommodate additional students in the program, the conditions in the community served by the school, and the content of the applications themselves. Site visits were made to the schools that were the top applicants.

"We are excited about the opportunity this provides for students in a part of the city where access to rigorous STEM programming has been limited," said Sean Conley, chief academic officer for City Schools. "James McHenry has been making great strides as part of a group of schools working in an innovative partnership to improve outcomes for their students. With the placement of Ingenuity at the school, Baltimore's south side will have 60 additional seats where middle school students can experience challenging, enriching programming that will put them on the path to success."