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Principal's Welcoming Letter

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Greetings Poly Students!

The Poly legacy is not just one of achievement, but one of continuous improvement. We are one of but a handful of Five Star schools in the city and one of the highest rated STEM schools in the entire nation. We do not have the resources, the luxuries that those other top schools have. What we have is the talent and determination. We are an anomaly, an urban school that defies all trends, to produce world class scholars and leaders. In a city full of challenges that make academic success difficult, our students overcome the odds. Last year’s seniors set records in terms of college admissions and scholarship monies earned. We are not dream chasers; we are dream catchers.

For those entering as freshmen, you are starting with a clean slate on which you will write your futures. Learning at Baltimore Polytechnic is about learning how to balance a day filled with seven challenging classes. It’s about learning how to study and develop the skills that will make you college ready. Sophomores and juniors, you now understand the expectations we have of you and that the effort you make will determine what colleges accept you. And seniors, you now must complete all the steps needed to access the best colleges and earn the scholarships to make it possible.

At Poly, you are blessed with a faculty that are more than great teachers. They are experts in their fields with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Many of them could have chosen other careers but they elected to become teachers because they recognize how important it is to develop the next generation of thinkers and leaders.

Take advantage of what they offer. Be on time, be attentive. Ask for help, help yourselves, discover who you are and all of which you are capable. Celebrate your accomplishments but understand that for every accomplishment realized, there is another to tackle. And no matter, how hard, by way of my own personal experience, I know that each is within your reach.

Poly Pride!

Jacqueline Williams, ’81 BPI Director