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Memorial Brick Walk Program

The Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Brick Walk Program was initiated by members of the BPI Class of 1954.  Their planning and hard work can be seen directly in front of Polytechnic between the main entrance and the doors to Memorial Corridor, and is for all Polytechnic students, faculty, administrators and alumni.  In order to maintain the decorum and prestige of this worthy endeavor, we have produced specific guidelines listed below. If you or anyone you know is  interested in learning more about the walk or to order a brick, please click on the order form link below for more details. The BPI Foundation & Alumni Association's (BPI F&AA) vision expands this program to honor the great people of Poly with a permanent, brick walk proudly displayed for years to come. We hope that you will consider this a worthwhile effort, and encourage others to participate.

Please complete the order form and submit without the use of periods, commas, or apostrophes. 
  • The price of each brick is $100 ($70 of which is tax deductible). Please make checks payable to the BPI Foundation & Alumni Association (BPI F&AA) and mail application to: Brick Walk Program at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, c/o BPI Foundation & Alumni Association, 1400 W. Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, Maryland 21209. Credit card payment will be accepted using the online order form found here

  • Wording is limited to 3 lines with a total of 15 letters/numbers or spaces per line. The only information to be engraved is your name, (NO nicknames) please, indicating the letters/ numbers or spaces that you wish to have engraved on your brick.  Please note, all accepted lettering must be in capitals and the use of punctuation marks is not permitted. Only one name, that being the given and accepted surname,  will be permitted per brick and the third line must read "CLASS OF - - - -", unless the complete name is on the first line and there is preference not to use the second line then the class designation becomes the second line; this two line version will be centered on the brick.  In the case of a non-graduate, the relationship to Polytechnic, i.e. Faculty, Administrator, Coach (Limit of 15 letters/numbers and spaces per line) must be indicated on the third line.

  • The second line, when available, can be used to show what you did at the school or professionally.  Examples are: Wrestling Team, Brig Gen USAF, English Dept, Cheer Leading, PhD, etc. Other school names are not permitted. 

  • Only one (1) name  will be permitted per brick.

  • Orders will be reviewed by the Brick Walk Committee for final approval and engraving.

  • If accepted, the brick will be ordered and installed in groups of twenty (20). Every effort will be made to have bricks engraved and installed within four (4) months, weather permitting, but this is not guaranteed and will be based on orders received.

  • After bricks are installed, a digital photo with location in the walk for ease of locating the brick can be sent to the applicant if requested. This information, should you wish to personally visit the Memorial Brick Walk, which is encouraged, can be instrumental in enabling you to find your brick. Bricks will be installed in random order on a first come first served basis. Specific brick locations can only be guaranteed for orders of one hundred (100) bricks or more at one time. See the master plan and sample panel for layout.  

To order a brick, please fill out the online order form or mail application with check to Brick Walk Program at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, c/o BPI Foundation & Alumni Association (BPI F&AA), 1400 W. Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, Maryland 21209. For more information please e-mail apalazzi@bpi.edu.