A Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
How to Apply
Application and admissions procedures differ and are dependent upon status of residency in Baltimore City. However, both Baltimore City residents and  Non-City residents must have a calculated composite score, determined by the Office of Enrollment, Choice, and Transfers (410-396-8600). Although the minimum composite score for admission is 610, the lowest composite score for the incoming class of 2017 at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute was 669.1.

Composite Score Calculation for Admission 

Program Requirement Expected Minimum
Reading Percentile (MSA / Terra Nova / Stanford) 65
Mathematic Percentile (MSA / Terra Nova / Stanford) 65
Overall AVG GPA (7th grade + 1st quarter of 8th grade) (x2) 160
Math GPA (x3) 240
English GPA 80
Attendance must be at least 94%