A Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
How to Apply
Application and admissions procedures differ and are dependent upon status of residency in Baltimore City. However, both Baltimore City residents and  Non-City residents must have a calculated composite score, determined by the Office of Enrollment, Choice, and Transfers (410-396-8600). Although the minimum composite score for admission is 610, the lowest score accepted has historically been higher. 

If the student applying currently attends a school that does not administer the PARCC assessment, the student must take the iReady achievement test by calling 410-396-8962. 

Composite Score Calculation for Admission 

Program Requirement Expected Minimum
Reading Percentile (PARCC or iReady) 65
Math Percentile (PARCC or iReady) 65
Overall AVG GPA (7th grade + 1st quarter of 8th grade) (x2) 160
Math GPA (x3) 240
English GPA 80
Attendance must be at least 94%