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Alumni Dues
BPI Alumni Association Dues

The BPI Alumni Association is now accepting dues. You may pay your dues by mailing a check or money order to the address below.

Alumni Association dues are waived for alumni of the first five years after your graduation from Poly while alumni pursue post Poly educational and career opportunities.

How much are dues?
The BPIAA annual dues are $30. Alumni may also choose to become a lifetime member for $200.

Your Board of Directors has voted to end the partial life payment program. Those members still a part of the program are being asked to send in the remainder of their payments and become Life Members.

Beginning this year only annual or life memberships will be available. Your generous contributions allow the BPIAA to continue the programs and scholarships for the students of Poly. Thank you all very much.

How do I pay my dues?
Please send your check or money order to the:

BPI Alumni Association
ATTN: Alumni Dues
1400 West Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21209

Why should I pay my dues?
The BPIAA builds their annual budget from alumni dues and uses them to:
  • Pay for the management of the bpi.edu website
  • Purchase alumni pins to hand out to the new graduates at commencement
  • Provide funding for the Open House programs
  • Sponsor the Hall of Fame and Distinguished Alumni Awards Programs
  • Provide a “thank you” gift to the Poly faculty and staff, including 5-year service pins
  • Host the Annual Alumni Dinner
  • Sponsor the Annual Poly-City Golf Tournament
  • Provide refreshments for the monthly Poly meetings (all alumni are welcome!)
  • Provide funding for special projects such as the After-Prom event
For questions, please contact BPIAA Membership Director, Adrian Palazzi at apalazzi2@gmail.com