A Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
Sustainability at BPI
Here at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, environmental matters combined with our values of innovation and advocacy have resulted in a robust community of students and staff dedicated to reducing Poly's ecological footprint and teaching environmental issues across a wide range of classes.

In 2016, Poly was certified as a Maryland Green School, a prestigious award that required the entire school to participate in environmental activities, incorporate green learning into classrooms, and improve Poly's facilities to be more environmentally-friendly. Check out our Green Schools application online!

Some examples of sustainability in action on our campus include:
  • the solar panel array that powers our aquaponics lab
  • "smart lights" in every classroom (motion-sensitive lights that power off automatically)
  • native trees planted around grounds
  • a pollinator garden in our outdoor courtyard, creating habitat for native bees and butterflies
  • food gardens managed by our JROTC program