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List of Poly Clubs
Baltimore Polytechnic Clubs and Advisors 2013-2014
Name of Club Advisor Co-Advisor Meeting Location Meeting Day(s) / Time(s)
3d Printing Club Mr. Wolfe N/A   Tues 3:05-4:00
AcaPOLY Glee Club Ms. Sakmar N/A Room 300 Thurs 3:15-4:00
A/V Club Mr. Borah N/A Room 233/Auditorium Monthly, varies
Aviation Club Mr. Hill N/A Room 256 Thurs 3:15-4:15
Band (Marching) Mr. Gee K. Williams A121 Tues, Thurs, Fri 3:30-6:00
Band (Concert) Mr. Gee K. Williams A121 Mon 3:30-4:45
Band (Jazz) Mr. Gee K. Williams A108, WHS Wed 3:30-4:45
BPI Dreamers Ms. R. O'Neal N/A    
Cheerleading Ms. Boose N/A Outside of gym/Room 130 M-F 3:30-4:30
Chess Club Mr. Borah Mr. Morrison Room 233 M-F 3:30-4:30
Creative Writing Club Mr. Reynolds N/A Room 223 Wed 3:05-4:00
Cyber Security Club Mr. Wolfe N/A   Wed 3:05-4:00
Drama Club Mr. Reeser N/A Room 172/Auditorium Tues & Thurs 3:30-5:00
El Club de la Cultura Hispana Ms. R. O'Neal N/A Room 204 Thurs 3:05-4:00
Environmental Club Mr. Armenti N/A Room 319 Wed 3:05-4:00
Field Hockey Ms. Bowie Room 216 Tues 3:05
Floetic Lyricists Mr. Bleich Mr. Surface Room 04/Drama room Wed 3:05-4:00
Gardening Club Mr. Tomasino N/A Room 132 Fri 3:05-4:00
Gay-Straight Alliance Mr. Gregg N/A Room 305 Mon 3:05-4:00
High Tech Parrots Mr. Hoge N/A Room 160 M-F 3:05-4:00
Ingenuity Math Club Dr. Goldenberg N/A Room 333 Tues & Thurs 7:50-8:10
It's Academic Mr. Gregg Mr. Todaro Room 322/Room 305 Mon 3:05-4:00 (rm 322), Wed 3:05-4:00 (rm 305)
Kinetic Sculpture Race Mr. Wishart N/A Room 175 Mon and Sat
Library Club Dr. O'Neill N/A Library M-F period 3-6
Los Ingenieros Ms. R. O'Neal N/A    
Math Club Mr. Hepburn N/A    
Mock Trial Mr. Riley N/A   M-W 3:15-4:30
National Honor Society Mrs. Tittle Mr. Pugh Room 215 Tues 7:45-8:10
Paintball Club Mr. Todaro N/A Room 315 Twice per month
Photography Club Mr. Headley N/A Room 305 Tues Bi-weekly 3:05-4:00
Poly Debate Team Mr. Pappas Mr. Baker Room 022 Tues & Thurs 3:15-4:30
Poly Odyssey Club Mr. Gregg Mr. Lummel Room 305 Tues 3:05-4:00
Poly Press Newspaper Dr. O'Neill N/A Library M-F period 3-6
ProJet Transatlantiques Mr. Tchoumi N/A Room 201 Wed 3:10-4:00
Robotics Team Mr. Hoge N/A Room 160 M-F 3:05-4:00
Rugby Mr. Dean N/A Room 033/athletic fields Wed 3:30-5:00
Sashay Modeling Club Ms. Castillo N/A Room 235 Tues & Wed 3:15-4:30
SHOP (Students Helping Other People) Mr. Gibson N/A Room 237 Twice per month
Ski and Snowboard Club Mr. Todaro Ms. Timson    
Student Government Association Mr. Dean Mr. Lummel Room 033 Frequently
Spanish National Honor Society Ms. R. O'Neal N/A    
Ultimate Frisbee Mr. Wishart N/A Room 175 Mon-Tues 3:05-4:30
Undisputed Film Club Mr. Charleston Ms. Hermanson Room 176 Thurs 3:05-4:00
Video Game Club TBA N/A    
Women Serious about Science Ms. Rotundo Ms. Kutzer Room 229 Bi-weekly Tues period 4-5
Yearbook Club Ms. Hermanson N/A   Thurs 3:05-4:00