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The PPFA has formed the following committees to address specific needs in the school community.  The committee chair will communicate the time and manner of committee meetings.  Please consider joining one of these:

After Prom Committee

Organize the annual PPFA-sponsored After-Prom Party for the senior class. The goal is for the students to have fun AFTER the (formal) prom and have fun in an informal and safe environment. Past events held at Shake & Bake, Inner Harbor Cruise. 


  • Brainstorm
  • Secure a venue
  • Budget – determining costs with goal of making it a breakeven event
  • Work out all the details for the event
  • Promote the event with seniors (ticket sales) and families for donations of gift cards & door prizes (PS emails)
  • Volunteer staffing – solicit volunteers with signups (PS emails)

Timing - Apr-May

Fundraising Committee

Develop a calendar of fundraisers to support the PPFA-sponsored events; strive to comprise a diverse list of events to attract the widest range of participants. Ideas include

  • Raffle (car raffle done in Fall 2017)
  • Social events
  • Amazon smile
  • Chipotle Night
  • Utilities sponsorship


  • Organize meetings 
  • Brainstorm & cull ideas and getting buy-in from Exec Board & School Admin (meetings)
  • Execute the activities

Timing – contingent on ideas


Membership has its privileges … and we encourage families of Poly students to be active in their life at Poly. The $25/family dues help fund the PPFA’s activities.


  • Update forms and manage membership process for parents & administration (meetings)
  • Promote joining (PS emails)


  • Summer – work with school admin and PPFA Exec Board to ensure that forms and apps are updated & accessible
  • Fall – promote and process membership by 
    • Soliciting volunteers with signups through Parent Square 
    • Organizing tables and $$ processing at Freshmen Orientation, Back To School Night, Sep PPFA General Membership Meeting

PPFA Cares

Provide students free snacks and water/juice during exam weeks in Jan and May. Two sets of tables are strategically located to get maximum exposure. The tables are manned by families and alums, who smile and encourage students during this stressful time – very gratifying event that the students really look forward to. Merchandise provided by: 

  • Food donations – from families, local grocery stores
  • $$ - from families, the PPFA Cares committee uses cash donations to buy needed food or liquids for the giveaways


  • Promoting events (PS emails)
  • Organizing donations and meeting with admin to store the food/drinks 
  • Organizing volunteers (PS emails)
  • Setup tables, man the tables, clean up (at Poly)


  • Organize – Beg-Dec & Beg-April
  • Events – during exam week

Safety & Wellness

Our students’ safety is a priority! Assess & address safety and wellness needs and concerns of the community, including campus traffic, pedestrian safety, bus accessibility, and mental health and wellness. Connections with DOT, City Counsel reps, etc. and/or wellness expertise a plus! 

Accomplishments include:

  • On-campus safety: routes, signage, staffing, and maps
  • New drive pattern on Falls Rd to enhance student safety crossing over from local businesses
  • Mindful Mondays & Quiet Room; stress management in enhancement; staff wellness support


  • Working with PPFA, students, and administration to determine needs and solution options
  • Determining a strategy to accomplish task

Timing – attend 1-2 hour meeting monthly & set time to meet with administration and PPFA to carry out agenda

SFC (School & Family Council) Representatives

Mandated by the BCPS, the School Family Council provides a forum for a representative group of

school stakeholders consisting of school faculty, staff, students, parents and community members/partners to come together around a range of important school decisions:

  • Facilitates information-sharing within the school community
  • Collaborates with the Instructional Leadership Team to support the development and implementation of the School Performance Plan
  • Guide the implementation of the School Performance Plan through participation in committees
  • Ensure parent and community engagement in the Principal Selection Process and allows members to have direct input to the CEO about the school budget and school leadership’s development and implementation of the School Performance Plan.

Each City School is required to have 3 parents elected by the PPFA. 

Responsibilities:  attend monthly (SFC) meetings at Poly (3:30 PM / 5:30 PM – usually Wednesdays)

Timing: 1-2 hours/month

Staff Appreciation & Social Events

We have the great fortune of having a terrific team of faculty, administration, and staff, who ensure that Poly remains the best High School in Maryland. The PPFA sponsors events to show our appreciation. 

  • Holiday Breakfast – timing tbd … while historically held in Dec, we may move to end-Oct/beg-Nov, when staff is stressed with end of 1st Qtr and college recommendation deadlines
  • End-of-Year Luncheon - held during week of National Teacher Appreciation Day – May 4, 2020
  • Other events possible!


·      Determine event specifics - budget, dates, menus (research)

·      Organize volunteers to donate dishes and time (PS emails)

·      Promote events (PS emails, FB)

·      Host events that shine!

Timing – 

  • Holiday/1Q breakfast – 5 weeks prior to event
  • End-of-year lunch – end-Mar planning

Used Uniform Sale

The Used Uniform Sale is the PPFA's biggest fundraiser, providing gently used, inexpensive (!) clothing for students (mostly freshmen) … and generating much needed $$ for the PPFA. 

  • To get a supply of clothing, we target graduating seniors to donate their Poly uniforms (tops, bottoms, hoodies) in Apr/May.  
  • The sale occurs at Freshmen Orientation (end-Aug), Back-to-School Night (Sep), and/or PPFA Gen Membership Mtg (Sep)


  • Jul/Aug – 

    • Promote sale with Freshmen families – work with administration to get the word out (PS emails)
    • Get clothing laundered (Laundry City on Moravia Rd has delivery service)
    • Sort by men’s/women’s, tops/bottoms, and then size (Banneker Hall)
    • Organize tables and sell to students
  • Aug & Sep – organize tables and sell to families at meetings/events
  • Apr/May – 
    • Solicit seniors for donations during their last week of school (they don’t need those uniforms anymore!) (PS emails)
    • Get 2-3 volunteers to collect the donations at both entrances and place in PPFA storage room