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Academic Programs
  • The Honors Poly STEM Program

    Emphasis: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
    Program Entry: 9th Grade
    ​​​​​​​Specialized Courses:
     Computer Science, Foundations of Technology, Applications of Technology
    The Honors Poly STEM Program is a robust college preparatory program, with Honors and AP classes available to all students. All students at Poly are scheduled to take 28 credits during their high school career, above and beyond the state requirement. ​​​​​​​
    Cognates: 12th graders choose a 4 credit cognate in Research, Science, or Engineering. 

  • Air Force JROTC

    Emphasis: Leadership Education & Aerospace Science
    Program Entry: 9th or 10th Grade
    Specialized Courses:
    Leadership Tech Ed, Leadership Education
    AFROTC provides rigorous instruction in Leadership Education, Aerospace Science, and Wellness and Physical Training. Leadership Education emphasizes discipline, responsibility, leadership, citizenship, customs and courtesies, communication skills, principles of management and drill. The Aerospace curriculum acquaints students with the principles of aircraft flight, history of aviation, development of air power, contemporary aviation, exploring space, astronomy, geography and cultural studies. AFROTC students are never under any obligation to join the military.

  • Band

    Emphasis: Music
    Program Entry: 9th or 10th Grade
    Specialized Courses:
    Band, Survey of Music
    The Band Program provides students the opportunity to enhance their STEM education with advanced studies in music. Both class instruction and after school opportunities are available. Students may be a part of the Concert Band, Jazz Band, or Marching Band. The Band has a dance and a flag line for marching band. Students do not need previous music experience to enter the program. The Marching Flock is a combined Band with Western High School and is the official Pep Band for Loyola University. 

  • Ingenuity Project

    Emphasis: Math, Science, Research
    Program Entry: 9th Grade
    Specialized Courses: Research Practicum, Advance Science and Math
    ​​​​​​​Website: www.ingenuityproject.org​​​​​​​
    The Ingenuity Project is a cohort model that provides an accelerated math, science, and research program to identified gifted and talented students. Ingenuity supports students interested in cutting-edge research in STEM by connecting them with opportunities to engage with university faculty and researchers throughout Baltimore City's most prestigious universities and research institutions. Applicants must indicate Poly as their first choice in their school choice application and submit a completed Ingenuity application to the Ingenuity office.

  • Project Lead the Way

    Emphasis: Engineering
    Program Entry: 9th Grade
    Specialized Courses: Intro to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Civil Engineering & Architecture, Digital Electronics, Engineering Design & Development
    The PLTW Pathway to Engineering Program is a hands-on, project-based, curriculum where students learn how to use the same industry-leading 3D design software that's used by companies like Intel, Lockheed Martin, and Pixar. Students design, test, and construct circuits and devices such as smart phones and tablets, and work collaboratively on a culminating capstone project. PLTW prepares students to be the most innovative and productive leaders in STEM.

  • AP Capstone

    Emphasis: Social Sciences & Humanities, Research
    Program Entry: 10th Grade
    Specialized Courses: Intro to Research Methods, AP Capstone, AP Research
    AP Capstone is an innovative diploma program that allows students to develop the skills in research, collaboration, and communication. AP Capstone equips students with the power to explore academic and real-world issues from multiple perspectives to explore complex questions and understand and evaluate opposing viewpoints. The AP Research course allows students to design, plan, and conduct a yearlong investigation on a topic of their choosing with support from experts at the university or community level. Through research methodology, employing ethical research practices, and analyzing and synthesizing data, students present and orally defend their own scholarly academic research. 

  • Computer Science

    Emphasis: Computer Science, Programming
    Program Entry: 10th Grade
    Specialized Courses: AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, Microcomputer Operating Systems
    The Computer Science Program at Poly prepares students with the necessary skills to be able to code in Java. AP Computer Science A is equivalent to a first-semester, college-level course in computer science. Topics include problem solving, design strategies and methodologies, organization of data (data structures), and approaches to processing data (algorithms), analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social implications of computing. 

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